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27.01.14 posted by Ratna Dey Cordukes 0 comments
"Kindness should become the natural way of life, not the exception" - Buddha Read this article
03.11.12 posted by Ratna Dey Cordukes 0 comments
Anger Management in Ayurveda
Is anger something new? Was it not present in ancient times? Was there any anger management techniques present decades ago? Why has it become so predominant in our society and lives? Read this article
09.09.11 posted by Ratna Dey Cordukes 0 comments
Stringa-vera (Ginger) - "with a body like a horn"
Garnish with Ginger? How is that going to help? Read this article
11.03.11 posted by Ratna Dey Cordukes 0 comments
The Spice Cabinet
Spices have been used for centuries across the globe not just to liven up your taste buds but to ignite your digestive fire or "Agni"! Read this article
30.11.10 posted by Ratna Dey Cordukes 0 comments
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
Are you SAD? Seasonal Affective Disorder affects nearly 25% of the population, 5% of which suffer “a more severe form of disorder” (National Mental Health Association, 2001). Ayurveda provides several ways to beat the winter blues..... Read this article
13.07.10 posted by Ratna Dey Cordukes 0 comments
Feeling Hot! Hot! Hot!
Feeling hot, hot, hot! Are you hot and bothered? Learn to curb the fire that flusters you. Read this article
03.04.10 posted by Ratna Dey Cordukes 0 comments
Tips for Good Digestion
"I am convinced digestion is the secret of life" Sydney Smith. Try a few Ayurvedic tips to believe it! Read this article
21.08.09 posted by Ratna Dey Cordukes 1 comments
Turmeric should be your choice herb for today
Drink milk with turmeric to keep the swine flu at bay....... Read this article
20.10.08 posted by Strikemedia 1 comments
The magic of limes
Did you know that a small amount of lime juice can aid your digestion and help to keep the body free of disease? Read this article