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Enjoy the diversity of Ayurveda with our wide selection of products for any occasion. The range caters for sheer indulgence or for everyday use. Choose from any of our Ayurvedic product categories from herbs, oils, food & drink, books & music to our SPA products that are made with natural ingredients sourced and manufactured in the EEC. If it is something Ayurvedic then look no further as we have it covered!


Popular Products
  • Devi Ayurvedic Spa Neem Complex cream 50mlDevi Ayurvedic Spa Neem Complex cream 50ml

    Neem Complex is a specially formulated cream that thoroughly cleans and repairs problematic skin. Neem (Azadirachta indica) is an Ayurvedic herb that is famous for its skin purifying qualities. This combined with other plant extractshelp improve the functioning and applicability even further. Aloe vera and skin healing turmeric, along with powerful blood purifying effect of Manjistha (Rubia cordifolia), Varuna (Crateava nurvula) and Cassia tora all added with the exclusive Helichrysum essential oil gives this cream antibacterial properties for (a) a thorough cleaning and (b) skin healing and purifying.

  • Devi Ayurvedic Spa Tridoshic Face oil 50mlDevi Ayurvedic Spa Tridoshic Face oil 50ml

    A delicious soft specially developed facial oil for the face designed to massage the meridians and points in the face and head. Ensures peace and balance in mind.

  • Chywanprash Amalaki Fruit Jam 500 gmChywanprash Amalaki Fruit Jam 500 gm

    Chyawanprash is one of the Ayurvedic jewels known as the best health tonic and immunity enhancer. Traditionally prepared to the original recipe from the classic Ayurvedic texts with fresh Amla fruits and over forty herbs and spices that were gathered by native pickers and processed in a small Ayurvedic clinic in Gujarat, India. The only Chwanprash made with Sharkara (Ayurvedic cane sugar). This rejuvenating jam is good for energy and vitality, delicious and healthy and ideally fit for an active and fit lifestyle. Presented in a beautiful jar with a honey combed effect cap.

  • Triphala (Harmonises intestinal functions, detoxifying)Triphala (Harmonises intestinal functions, detoxifying)

    Triphala is a combination of Terminalia chebula, terminalia belerca and emblica officinalis. It is an active remedy for preventing the accumulation of metabolic waste products. It aids in strengthening the digestive system and vitalising body tissues. Terminalia chebula also helps with regenerating and improving metabolism and absorption and acts as a tonic for both the nerve tissues and eyes. Terminalia belerica has a vitalising effect on both lung and intestinal tissues while Emblica officinalis is known for its rejuvenating, replenishing invigorating effect. Great for skin and eye sight!

  • Cured Sesame Oil 500mlCured Sesame Oil 500ml

    Cured Sesame oil is good for daily massage as mentioned in Ayurveda. Good for all dosas though very good for Vata

  • KajalKajal

    Kajal has been used in Ayurveda for thousands of years as a natural eye treatment and beauty cosmetic. It protects the eyes against dust, pollution, harsh lights and computers while calming sore, red, tired and itchy eyes. Apply on the inner part of the eyelids before retiring at night to enhance the effect of eye care and cleanse overnight. Wash off in the morning and enjoy a natural eye liner effect!

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