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Inspired by Ayurveda range from For Balance are products created using Ayurveda concepts but applying it in a way that is more suited to this climate and lifestyle. This range includes anything from food to skin care.
Name & Description Cost
The Ultimate Rose Collection The Ultimate Rose Collection
This makes a beautiful gift for a loved one
Invigorate (Kapha) soap Invigorate (Kapha) soap
An exfoliating soap designed to gently remove debris from the skin surface
Protective (Nits free) Shampoo Soap Protective (Nits free) Shampoo Soap
A shampoo soap that helps to protect against head lice although a few people use it because they like its distinctive aroma! Made with neem oil, an Ayurvedic oil that has insecticidal properties, and scented with cinnamon leaf and tea tree essential oils shown to be effective against head lice